cherry orchard

Lorraine Sigle

“It’s our planet.

Let’s take care of it!”

Photos by John McCormick, Michigan Nut Photography

Welcome to
My Literary World

Here is a list of my books, so far:
The Amnesia Experiment–Who Will Survive?  is an adult sci-fi novel, which is also a mystery because it’s a ways into the book before you find out why people all over the world have amnesia – who is responsible, and why.

So Many SecretsWhy do I have these freaky powers that make me public enemy #1?  This is a YA sci-fi/fantasy that is focused in two different worlds. Elyana must defeat her enemies, her self-doubt and make peace with her powers. Her actions change both  worlds.

two trees overhanging sea

Me & Mom –This is a fun book with over fifty photographs of my cat, Mackenzie, and the various animals that visited out back yard.  It is written in a “he said/she said” format by Mackenzie and I because we had different views about his adventures and our life together.

No Clear Pathis a collection of short stories.  Some have an environmental theme like my novels, some are about love and loss and life choices.  The final story “No Clear Path” came to me without much conscious thought.  I can’t explain it, but it gives me joy.

Inner spaces–is a collection of my poetry.  It is divided into these categories: Writer, Nature, Climate Change, Cats, Inner Spaces and Remembrance. Poetry came most naturally to me as I grew up on a home with a mother who often quieted poems she had memorized.  

Click on Mackenzie, and you’ll find cat poems.  Under the tab Our Planet, is a list of books I have read on the environment and a list of groups I support along with with their websites.

My books are available on Kindle and in paperback.  The prices listed are for paperback.  Click on the Shop Now button to view and purchase the books.

So Many Secrets


The Amnesia Experiment


Me & Mom


No Clear Path



Inner Spaces


The Writer

You must not mind if I
pass you on the street
and do not speak.

For my eyes are turned
inward as I listen to the
ghosts of words that
come whistling after me,
calling a soft tune.

I must follow them
though shadows of being
and fields of probabilities,
let them carry me into
present knowing.

A knowing I may share
with you one day
once I have organized
those words
dancing behind my
inward-turning eyes.

I’d love to hear from you.

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