Our Planet

Here is a collection of websites of authors I have been following. I hope you find them enlightening and inspiring.

Censoring Science by Mark Bowen
Climate Church,Climate World by Jim Antal
Cooler Smarter by The Union of Concerned Scientists – coolersmarter.org
Drawdown by Paul Hawken, Editor
The Flooded Earth by Peter D. Ward
The Global Warming Reader by Bill McKibben, Editor
How To Avoid Climate Disaster by Bill Gates – gatesnotes.com
Last Call at the Oasis by Karl Weber, Editor
Our Choice by Al Gore
Storms of My Grandchildren by James Hansen
This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein
The Uninhabitable Earth by David Wallace-Wells
Waking the Giant by Bill McGuire
What Can I Do? By Jane Fonda
What Is Climate Change? By Gail Herman

Here is an alphabetical list of environmental organizations I support and their websites:
Defenders of Wildlife – defenders.org
Earth Justice – earthjustice.org
Environmental Defense Fund – edf.org
Greenpeace – greenpeace.org
National Wildlife Federation – nwf.org
Rainforest Alliance – rainforest-alliance.org
Sierra Club – sierraclub.org
Sierra Club Michigan Chapter – sierraclub.org/michigan
Union of Concerned Scientists – unionofconcernedscientistsorg